Wadi el-Hudi Team Publications

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Press Releases, Blogs, and Blurbs about the Wadi el-Hudi Expedition

ARCE Research Supporting Member

2022 – 2023 ARCE Antiquities Endowment Fund (AEF) Project

2023 “Drei Stelen entdeckt bei Kurzbesuch in antiker Minensiedlung in Dihmit South” blog by Jolly Thews

2019 “Wadi el-Hudi Expedition – Incorporating new techniques of archaeological documentation” by Júlia Schmied in Digital Epigraphy

2019 “Minensiedlungen in Dihmit und el-Hisnein müssen dringend geschützt werden” blog by Jolly Thews

2018 “Preserving and Modelling Egypt’s Wadi el-Hudi for the World” blog by Kate Liszka

2017 Nile Currents blurb by Salima Ikram about Wadi el-Hudi Season 3 in KMT 28(1), page 10

2017 “Geoarchaeology and the famous amethyst mines in Wadi el-Hudi, Egypt: Desert heritage at risk,” blog by Per Storemyr Archaeology and Conservation

2016 Digging Diary blurb about Wadi el-Hudi Season 3 in Egyptian Archaeology 50: 34.

2015 Press Release by the Ministry of Antiquities about the discovery of stelae at Wadi el-Hudi

2015 Blog about Ministry of Antiquities Press Release by the Luxor Times

2015 Press Release and Article about Wadi el-Hudi Stelae by El Mundo

2015 Press Release and Article about Wadi el-Hudi Stelae by Archaeology Magazine

2014 Digging Diary blurb about Wadi el-Hudi Season 1 in Egyptian Archaeology 45

2014 Nile Currents blub by Salima Ikram about Wadi El-Hudi Season 1 in KMT

Other Literature on Wadi el-Hudi

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